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NEW Lash Bible - Special Edition (HARDBACK)
NEW Lash Bible - Special Edition (HARDBACK)
NEW Lash Bible - Special Edition (HARDBACK)
NEW Lash Bible - Special Edition (HARDBACK)
NEW Lash Bible - Special Edition (HARDBACK)
NEW Lash Bible - Special Edition (HARDBACK)
NEW Lash Bible - Special Edition (HARDBACK)

NEW Lash Bible - Special Edition (HARDBACK)

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*NEW* Lash Bible Special Edition featuring 960 Style Maps for every eye shape so you can confidently apply any style to complement your client's eyes and keep them coming back again and again.

This 166 page book covers  

- Volume and Classic
so you can map a wide range of styles for volume and classic lash clients with 2-layered colour coding mapping. 

- Hybrid and Wispy so you can offer your clients various textured looks with 3-layered colour coding mapping. 

- Perfect Line Volume
 so you can create 'perfect top line' mega volume looks with detailed 3-layered colour coding mapping

Layered lash mapping so you have a choice with every style map for different directions of lash growth for a truly custom style

A choice of Single or Mixed curls with every style map so you have an option that can work with the lash inventory you have on hand available to use
- 6 new style shapes so you can offer your clients a wide selection of 10 lash shapes including lower lash looks, giving you that edge over other lash artists in your area

- Combining different styles
so you can blend various shapes and offer more customized more creative looks

- Complete mapping with dots guide so you follow the dots for mapping to the iris (rather than the eyelid) for a truly custom look

- Lash direction of placement so you can apply in the best way to achieve smooth transitions and the best shape possible

- Using loupes so you can have a better understanding of what to look for in the best loupes, how to use them and how they can benefit you

- Eye proportions so you can understand and advise each and every client which styles would best suit their face

- Skin tones
so you can fully understand the important things to know about different skin tones when selecting and applying lashes

- Custom styling so you can stand out from other lash artists in your neighbourhood and attract only the best clients

- New set timing
so you can follow step-by-step timings for new sets in different time frames to keep your schedule on track

- Creating a spikey look
so you can know step-by-step how to create a spikey, strip lash look

..and much more

Number of pages:  166 pages

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 978-1-80049-756-6

 7.28" x 10.23"