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  • LashPlate Bed

  • available in black and beige
  • LashPlate base tile

  • Lash Bible books

  • by Teresa Smith
  • Fluffy Silk Lashes

  • available in .06 to .12 diameter

LashPlate Bed

available in black and beige ORDER NOW

LashPlate base tile


Lash Bible books

by Teresa Smith Order now

Fluffy Silk Lashes

available in .06 to .12 diameter Order now

Meet Teresa Smith...


Illumino® Gel-Lys™ method

Teresa flew to LA Feb 2020 to train and be one of the first in London to offer this patent pending Gel-Lys™ system by Illumino® lashes at I Love Lash. The flexible bond of the Lynk-Gel™ endures stronger & longer than conventional eyelash adhesive. Its superior attachments tolerate water, oils, powerful makeup removers and eye creams. With its LED less bright than daylight, the Gel-Lys™ is fully safe to operate near the closed human eye. In fact, many clients don’t even notice when application has started!

Illumino® Website link

I Love Lash studio

Book online for a private appointment with Teresa herself. Relax in her private studio while bespoke 2-5D lashes are expertly applied using the widest range of feather soft silk and faux mink lashes sourced from around the world. Applied on both upper and lower lashes using the patented Gel-Lys™ method for unparalleled comfort and longevity lasting up to 4 weeks between infills. Prices from: New client set £250. maintenance £145. Mobile appointments available by special request worldwide.

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The Lash Bible

The brainchild of Teresa Smith, the Lash Bible began as a website and quickly developed into a series of 4 books (exclusively available from the Lash Shop). Designed to be an easy-to-use reference guide for new and seasoned lash artists providing helpful hints and tips on various aspects of semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Rich in real life images and illustrations produced by Teresa herself The Lash Bible makes even the most technical concepts and methods easy to grasp.

visit the lash bible website