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NEW Lash Bible - The Original (Paperback)
NEW Lash Bible - The Original (Paperback)
NEW Lash Bible - The Original (Paperback)
NEW Lash Bible - The Original (Paperback)
NEW Lash Bible - The Original (Paperback)
NEW Lash Bible - The Original (Paperback)
NEW Lash Bible - The Original (Paperback)

NEW Lash Bible - The Original (Paperback)

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PREORDER - due to release in June 2021

*NEW* Lash Bible The Original is a bigger, 38 page newly revised version of the very first Lash Bible book. With up to date information PLUS INCLUDING the best of Volumes 1-4. Great for everyone from beginner to advanced lash artists including Classic and Volume. 

Covering even more lash topics including:

- Improved lash map graphics so you can follow the maps easier with the new eye  shaped design

- Mapping with dots 
so you can map each client to their iris with symmetry to perfection

- Lash style previews
so you can clearly see the difference between the style shapes

- Lash direction of placement 
so you can apply in the best way to achieve smooth transitions and the best shape possible

- Eye proportions 
so you can understand and advise each and every client which styles would best suit their face 

- Skin tones
so you can fully understand the important things to know about different skin tones when selecting and applying lashes

- Types of volume 
so you have the best detailed understanding of the different types of volume and how to tell them apart

PLUS the best of volumes 1-4 including:

- Infills for classic
lashing so can you confidently carry out different types of advanced infill techniques depending on your clients requirements

- Posture 
so you can make a well informed choice on the best seating and table for your health and your client's comfort

- Demi set styling so you know which clients this would best suit and how to successfully apply it in a shorter time frame

- Classic and advanced capping and stacking so you can learn the secrets of getting your classic lash sets really full
- Lashing methodically so you can approach each and every lash set with a clear plan on application which means you'll achieve the best symmetry and coverage on all your lash sets

- Taking lash photos and lighting so you can enhance your working set up, take amazing lash photos for your portfolio and attract more clients

Number of pages: 38 pages

Format: Paperback

 7.28" x 10.23"

ISBN: 978-1-80049-758-0

By ordering this item you understand it is a PREORDER (due to release in June 2021) and any additional products added to this order will dispatch at the same time as this item.