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Lash Bible Volumes all four Volumes (Paperback)

Lash Bible Volumes all four Volumes (Paperback)

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The complete set of Lash Bibles - the go to reference guide for pro lash artists around the world!

Format: Paperback

Size: 6" x 8"

Number of pages:
Volume 1 - 14 pages
Volume 2 - 27 pages
Volume 3 - 27 pages
Volume 4 - 41 pages

By popular demand an extended version of The Lash Bible is now available to buy as a 6” x 8” paperback book with several topics covered from beginner to advanced level.

This 14 page paperback book covers even more Lash topics including:

- Loose lashes
- Lashing with confidence
- Lash curing
- 3-Step Speed Placement
- Taking Lash Photos
- More on existing topics

Stylefinder Reference Guide book

Packed with over 200 lash design maps covering a diverse range of eye shape/ styling combinations, as well as additional styling hints and tips. Based on Teresa’s detailed lash styling for her personal clients featuring J,B,C,D,L curls and Style Lift.

With 27 pages each style map is selected from a simple flow chart guide according to eye shape, direction of lash growth, desired amount of lift and natural lash length.

The Lash Bible VOLUME III
- Master Class

Volume III is a Master Class book full of methodical detailed step-by-step illustrations and technical yet easy to grasp techniques which will help take your lashing skills to the next level.

This 27 page book goes in depth into even more Lash topics including:

- Advanced Capping
- Texturizing
- Lash Symmetry
- Infills
- Custom Styling
- Fan Placement

The Lash Bible VOLUME IV
- Volume Tips & Stylefinder

The fourth in the Lash Bible series, Volume IV has 41 pages packed with even more highly detailed technical illustrations and easy to understand Volume lashing tips and tricks, as well as over 200 updated lash design maps created specifically for the advanced art of Volume lashing.